Over the last years, Azevedos Group have been developing an active strategy on foreign markets.
Mainly acting through partnerships with reliable local players we are now active in 90 countries worldwide with our own brand or private labels.
Many factors have been contributed to the current international development of the group, being one of them, the favorable position on the Atlantic, which favorably creates bridges to access many different markets. On the other hand, Azevedos has directly established its presence in some strategic Portuguese-speaking countries, where it was quick to dominate the market, reaching quite a reasonable market-share.

Azevedos affiliates are active in Mozambique and Tunisia.

Laboris S.A.
International Logistics

Medis Farmacêutica (Mozambique)
Import, marketing, distribution and retail


Representing Portuguese and International Companies
Through delivery of finished product in our companies abroad
Over the international markets through direct investment and / or through local partnerships


Providing to international customers licensing-out/dossier sale and contract manufacturing of products Group Develop distributions partnership through license and supply agreements for different markets based on exclusivity product & market