The history of AZEVEDOS comprises more than two centuries consolidating a trajectory completely dedicated to the service of medicine. At present, the structure is centred on five areas of intervention (R&D, production, marketing and sales, logistics and international) ensuring a complete approach to the whole chain of the pharmaceutical market.

As a strategic option, the business was divided into segments, leading to the creation of a group of companies and operational units corresponding in a specialised way to high patterns of competitiveness.

In the industrial area and within its scope of action, SOFARIMEX (Grupo Azevedos) is the first Portuguese producer of medicines, specialised in small and medium series, holding a qualified universe of clients, being at present more than 75% of its production exported into foreign markets, mainly European.

AZEVEDOS commercialise a wide range of products ensuring a significant availability of medical prescription, non-prescription and hospital specialities.

Since the beginning of the 90’ AZEVEDOS pursue internationalisation as a strategic target for its development. Under models of exportation, licensing or direct investment, its presence is extended to more than 40 international markets: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and American continent.

In direct investment, MEDIS is particularly highlighted as a reference operator in the Mozambican market.

A decisive step for the evolution of AZEVEDOS was its commitment in R&D. As a result of research and continual search of information to exploit opportunities, this relevant area of intervention resulted in finding new perspectives, the only way enabling a constant improvement in products and services bearing AZEVEDOS brand