Investment in a new Groninger line of high filling frequency

Grupo Azevedos will continue to deploy its innovative technologies to meet one of the greatest production challenges with Merck SA, particularly in the liquids area, with the investment approximately EUR 2 million in a new Groninger line of high filling frequency which operates in the manufacturing facility Sofarimex, located nearby Lisbon.

In addition, it is important to underline the high level of automatization and control which contributes to the quality service, critical to Merck's decision.

This project consists in a range of products such as drops and sterile and non-sterile nasal spray, which will be distributed through the international market.

With an expected production of 14 million units/year and increasing expectations, given the ongoing submission processes in several countries, this is a significant project for increasing the output and the number of units exported by Sofarimex.