CEO of the Azevedos Group awarded for his role in promoting pharmaceutical activity

27 November, 2020

Award of the Medal of Honour of the Order of Pharmacists to Dr Thebar Miranda at the XIV World Congress of Pharmacists

The Medal of Honour of the Order of Pharmacists is intended to distinguish pharmacists or other citizens, Portuguese or foreign, as well as Institutions that have contributed in a relevant way to the promotion of pharmaceutical activity in society through their commitment, merit and exceptional action.

The National Directorate of the Order of Pharmacists has unanimously decided to award the Medal of Honour of the Order of Pharmacists to the Chief Executive Officer of the Azevedos Group, Dr Thebar Miranda for his exceptional commitment at the professional and social level, with which he has contributed to the advancement of health sciences, with particular emphasis and recognised merit; and also for having distinguished himself in an exceptional way in the Lusophone collaboration in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

For the President of the Ordem of Pharmacists, Ana Paula Martins, "Thebar Miranda has a thousand stories in its history that honour us. Precisely because we have pharmacists of this calibre, we are a fundamental class for Portugal. Of superior modesty, of coherent contributions, with a global, humanistic vision. In the perseverance of silence lies an immeasurable of knowledge".

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